Fastest way to track sales, KPIs, stats and tasks

Imagine all important numbers at one place that are always fresh

Create a box that we call a block
We will ask you about name and simple description. One simple click and you are done.

Then you need to choose type of
a number we are dealing with. This can be number, switch, text or simple mathematic operation. We design it to cover all possible scenarios

The last step is to define the data source. In simple words who will be responsible for updating the value daily, weekly or monthly:

  • YouYou will update the value by yourself when you're ready

  • Your employeeJust give us an email address of your employee and we will send him an email with special. he just need to click it and enter the current value

  • Your systemYou can use our API or one of our system integration possibilities to update automatically the value from your IT system

If you like you can share your number with others, all you need to know is an email address. You have a full control over what and with whom you are sharing

Make Your life easier and track Your numbers now

It's free up to 5 blocks