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The fastest and most efficient way to keep track of your company’s key financial performance is via CFO dashboard. The optimal financial key performance indicators and financial reporting dashboard shows the most important figures and updates in real-time as metrics so you can always have the newest figures.

But which KPIs should CFOs always keep track of? The answer to this differs from company to company. However, there are a number of common KPIs that most CFOs should keep an eye on – regardless of company type or size.


CFO KPI showing the development in your cash flow can function as an indicator of how your company’s liquidity changes. Specially designed quick ratio for CFOs show the company’s liquid assets after the financial commitments have been deducted. The KPI of CFO is a strong indicator of whether the company is capable of purchasing merchandise and paying the bills. CFO dashboard KPIs always keeps a close eye on the accounts receivable owed by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to ensure that the figure does not increase. The most important metrics are those most closely related to what investors expect, So we introduce you to our CFO Metrics. For private companies this means tracking the KPIs that owners and financers need to make sound decisions. While the specifics can vary between businesses, the common thread is analyzing metrics which can inform short-term and long-term operations.

CFO Metrics

Knowing which KPI metrics to track is the first step towards financial awareness, but we help to achieve the real goal, which is to use that awareness to monitor the health of your business and inform intelligent business decisions. With CEOdeck, Business owners and top-level executives can easily understand how to use financial key performance indicators and CFO dashboard with metrics to formulate a financial analysis that is accurate, actionable, and predictive answers in the form of metrics.

CEOdeck can help to reduce the complex nature of organizational performance to a small, manageable number of key indicators which are crucial to decision making and ultimately, to improving performance by providing simple and user friendly CFO KPI examples and CFO KPI templates with CFO bonus metrics.

CFO dashboard KPIs

CEOdeck provides interactive CFO dashboard KPIs which pulls the whole organization’s finance data into a single dashboard. From budgets, assets, income statements, and cash flows, this CFO dashboard tracks it all. Metrics are easy to create, drag and move to new place, merge metrics and calcultate the total value and track all the metrics key performance and use them as a scorecard.

CFO Metrics that are immediately available are known as working capital, which include cash, short-term investments, and accounts receivables can easily be monitored and shared with the team. The CFO KPI dashbaord shows the ability of your business to generate targeted result quickly. With CEOdeck, CFO can evaluate the company’s financial health and decide if your available assets can meet short-term financial obligations.

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