Track and share your numbers

use it for free up to 5 blocks

Track numbers from your organization

Get rid of all the complicated systems filled with excess data and use only the key numbers

Ceodeck Application
Get a quick overview of
the numbers that are
truly essential for you
You can update the metrics
yourself, tell your people
to do that for you, or use API
Create metrics you need.
Name them how you like
Share this boxes with other
people interested in Your

Track numbers from your team members

You will have instant view over situation

Ceodeck iPhone application
You can track
your employees
numbers in a box
Every time your
employee update
the number
you will know
You can track
numbers in
easy way

Analyze numbers in time

it's easy as one, two, three

Ceodeck sharing application
You want to know something
more about the number?
Simple graph will tell you all!
We don't want to mess
with complicated analytics
we are simple!

Make Your life easier and track Your numbers now

It's free up to 5 blocks